Advisor: Mrs. Cory
Room: 208
You provide the memories, we provide the book.

You can order your yearbook in the office.

Seniors need to submit their baby pictures to Mrs. Cory. They are needed for the yearbook and graduation.

The yearbook staff is always looking for great images to publish in the yearbook.

Advertising Campaign: Each year our staff members sell yearbook sponsor spots. If you would like to be included or would like additional information please contact Mary Cory ( Our sponsors allow us to sell the yearbooks at a lower cost. Thank you to all past and future sponsors for your continuing support.

Yearbook Archive: We are still working on our yearbook archive. This is a work in progress and new years will be added as they become available. To view them you can visit The yearbooks posted do belong to SFHS. If you would like a copy to print please purchase a DVD through the school library. The proceeds will help insure that we can continue to have the yearbooks available online. We have to pay for our Web hosting and our domain name every year.

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