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STEAM is part of your Senior Project Portfolio and is a graduation requirement.

STEAM Camp Trainer-Sign up Here
About being a volunteer trainer (STEAM Camp-October 23rd):
If you are current on your STEAM reflections, you may volunteer to help on STEAM Camp Day. If you are chosen to help, you will be assigned to a teacher and will have time during the teacher's prep to work on your own reflections. Pizza will be provided for you for lunch. You will also be given an extra week to submit your semester 1 reflections (November 1st will be the due date). You must sign up by 2 pm Friday, October 18th. After that, the form will be closed. To be considered, you must have all previous STEAM reflections completed and submitted

What is STEAM?

STEAM is part of each student’s senior project portfolio. Students must meet the requirements for each of the STEAM reflections for each semester that they are enrolled at SFHS . Since the senior project portfolio is required for graduation, every student must make sure they have all of their STEAM reflections completed for every semester. Students must also complete a senior oral presentation by the end of grade 12. The oral presentation must include a written report.There is a presentation rubric with more information. These submissions are to reflect and highlight a student’s learning from the areas of Science (Social and Physical), Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Additional requirements for the senior project portfolio are at the discretion of the Local Education Agency. Still have questions? Here is more information about STEAM.

Here is an overview Powerpoint on STEAM. Powerpoint not working? Here is a .pdf.

Have an idea on how STEAM can improve? Take the Student STEAM Survey to give us your ideas.

STEAM Submission Days

Students, before submitting, don't for get to view all of your feedback, and make all required changes. Please view the following short video for help. Viewing Grades and Feedback in Buzz

September 11-12: Submission for past semesters.
October 23-25: STEAM Camp (Oct. 23) & Semester 2 STEAM submissions.
December 4-5: Submission/resubmission for Semester 1.*Seniors only will be able to submit all previous and current year's reflections and corrections
January 29-30: Submission for past years' reflections. *nothing may be submitted for the current year.
March 11-13: STEAM Camp (March 11) & Semester 2 STEAM Submission.*Seniors only will be able to submit all previous and current year's reflections and corrections.
April 29-30: Submission/resubmission for Semester 2.
May 27-June 30: Summer STEAM Submission for all years.

If you have submission problems:

First, check to see that your browser is up to date, and try clearing your cookies and cache. You can also try another browser.
Watch the video if you need help. Important: You must restart your browser once you have cleared the cache and cookies.

Clearing your browser on a PC or laptop.

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STEAM Topic Help

Art-For Juniors and Seniors:

For Juniors and Seniors who are behind on Art STEAM; Ms. Warne has put together some PDF's to help with Art. This may only be used by juniors and seniors for past school years. All other students should talk to their English, art, or music teachers for help with arts reflections. Juniors and seniors should not use these for the current year’s submissions. Those submissions must reflect the more advanced work that is done in the junior and senior years.

Candy Bar Ad
Fall Ad
Future Goals
Sport Action or Movie Action Retelling

Physical Science-For Juniors and Seniors who are behind:

These are for junior and seniors that are behind in STEAM only. You must complete an activity labeled for the grade level you are submitting for (9th-Clouds and Sunrise and 10th Digestion and Sweat). For example, if you need a reflection for your freshman year, you need to complete one of the two activities for 9th grade-Clouds and Sunrise.

How do Clouds Form?
Sunrise Temperatures
Lysosome Digestion
Sweat Cools

Physical Science-For Juniors and Seniors who do not have a science class:

These are only for juniors and seniors who do not have a science class. Anyone enrolled in a science class should use topics from their class.

Wind Blow
Doppler Effect
Helium and Voice Change